Postgraduate Theses

A selection of postgraduate theses from Anglia Ruskin students working within the scope of our research unit:

Current PhD projects

  • Muhja Al-Hadi: Incivility and the taking of offence in the Omani society
  • Khouloud Boukhris: Conflictual Interactions in Computer Mediated Communication
  • Erhan Guneysu: Language Policy and status of endangered languages in the Middle East: The case of the Zazaki language in Turkey
  • Stephan George: The Impact of Culture on Behavioural Mimicry
  • Andrew Jarvis: Student attitudes towards English and social mobility at an internationalising English-medium university in Asia
  • Maksi Kozinska: Heritage Polish at A-level in England – pupil attainment and the role of supplementary schools
  • Kate Lightfoot: Heritage French in the south-east of England: Grammar, attitudes and uptake
  • Erizal Lugman: Intercultural Competence, (Im)Politeness and the Use of Social Media During the Intercultural Adjustment Period of Indonesian Postgraduate Students in the UK
  • Owen Minns: The teacher as a learner: how English teachers learn Japanese in Japan
  • Trang Thu Nguyen: Intelligibility in Vietnamese L2 accents of English and the influence of intelligibility on social evaluations of the speaker

Completed PhD projects

Open access to selected postgraduate projects (First class MA dissertations and PhD)