My talk sets out to investigate visual practices in Teju Cole’s fiction, illustrating how an engagement with visuality might add to our understanding of transcultural modes of articulation and identification. Cole’s fiction is centrally concerned with travelling and returning, with migration and cosmopolitanism, with nomadic subjectivities and a quest for identification. I argue that Cole’s engagement with visual practices evoke historical experiences that lie outside established frames and reimage new symbolic forms with which to register the complexities of early 21st-century globalized life.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Birgit Neuman, Düsseldorf University

Location: Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, r.t.b.c.

Time: Friday, 25th January 2019, 14.00-16.00

In cinematic accounts of the plight of asylum seekers, the image of the boat usually functions as a metonym for the bodies on the boat that are rarely shown. In particular the Vietnamese refugee experience is inevitably linked to the indistinct notion of ‘boat people’. In this context this talk will discuss contemporary Asian-Australian films on refugees and the filmmakers’ decision to literally erase the visual iconography of the boat. Further, the notion of ‘decolonizing the gaze’ will be discussed. In what ways do these films emphasise the dialectical relationship between the spectator’s and the refugee’s gaze, thereby destabilise the subjectivities of observer and observed.

Speaker: Victoria Herche, Cologne University, 29th October 2018

Location: Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, r.t.b.c.

Time: Monday, 29th October, 18.00-20.00

Through an analysis of aspects of Levy’s Small Island interwoven with passages from a documentary about the Windrush generation, Dr Faulkner will explore how the writer is able to offer us a transcultural vision of identity. This vision celebrates ambivalence and challenges notions of selfhood and orders of meaning as fixed and linear identities in particular through a return to and a repossession of a hitherto silenced past via language as a tool of enslavement and liberation, but also through the emergence of a polyphonic text with a plurality and an interweaving of discourses.

SpeakerDr Marie-France Faulkner, Cambridge

Location: Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, r.t.b.c.

Time: Monday, 15th October, 18.00-20.00

After a presentation of the new ARRCIMS website by co-directors Prof. Guido Rings and Dr. Bettina Beinhoff we welcome 2 guest speakers: Dr. Henriette Hendriks, who will give a talk on “Becoming multilingual: just a new language, or also a new culture and way of thinking?”, and Prof. Joanne Leal, who will explore “Cinematic Approaches to Intercultural Communication”. There will be a drinks reception after the presentations with opportunities for networking.

SpeakersDr. Henriette Hendriks, Cambridge University, Cambridge — Prof. Joanne Leal, Birbeck College, London.

Location: Room Hel 110, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT

Time: Friday, 27th April 2018, 16:00-18:00

As part of the research conference “Representación de las migraciones en el cine”, this paper explores the destabilization of cultural hiearchies by transcultural memory and affect in Philipe Lioret’s Welcome (2009).

Speaker: Prof. Guido Rings, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Location: Granada University, Instituto de Migraciones, Calle Zamora, Parcela 111-112, 18151 Ogíjares, Granada

Time: Friday, 9th March 2018, 10:00 to 10:50

More than most other European countries, contemporary France has been deeply marked by mass immigration, in particular from Africa, and French cinema has joined the often rather polemic media debate about the country’s ‘multiculturalism’ as an outstanding example of minority reflections on the topic. This public paper is part of the Edmund Lecture Series and explores cultural encounters in one recent example of French cinema: Kaurismäki’s Le Havre (2011).

Speaker: Prof. Guido Rings, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Location: E1.01 Suffolk House, West Suffolk College, Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RL

Time: Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 18:00 to 19:00

This conference draws on 15 years of Eurocampus research, and is hosted by Universidade Aberta in Coimbra. Organisers: Prof. Guido Rings, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge; Prof. Claus Ehrhardt, Urbino University.

Speakers: Prof. Jan ten Thije, Utrecht; Prof. Liisa Salo-Lee, Jyväskylä; Prof. Bernd Müller-Jacquier, Bayreuth; Dr. Anne Ife, Cambridge; Prof. João Caetano, Coimbra; Gian-Louis Hernández, Lugano; Prof. Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Tallinn; Prof. Jolanta Drzewiecka, Lugano; Prof. Peter Stockinger, Paris; Prof. Gesine Schiewer, Bayreuth; Prof. Guido Rings, Cambridge; Prof. Claus Ehrhardt, Urbino; Peter Kistler, Bayreuth

Location: Rua Alexandre Herculano, n.º 52, 3000 – 019 Coimbra, Portugal

Time: Saturday, 27th January 2018, 9:00 to 19:00